Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Bottles and Cruise Ships

Today is Monday August 31, 2009. My youngest daughter, Holly, is on the way to the hospital in major labor about to have my grandson. :-) I can't wait to spoil that little boy rotten. Right now she is having contractions about 3 minutes apart and is only 1 exit away from me.

Also, I just booked a cruise for the 24th of September. Going to Cozumel!!! Woohoo. I love Cozumel. Carlos & Charlies here I come.
We will set sail on the MS Fantasy out of New Orleans and then spend the next day at sea. We dock in Cozumel at 8 am the next day and spend the day there. Then at 5 pm we will set sail again. It will be a wonderful, relaxing trip.
I took this picture on a previous trip to Cozumel.

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  1. Wow! Grandpa, I bed you can hardly sit still!

    And the cruise sounds GREAT!