Sunday, June 6, 2010


So, my wife is out of town and I am bored.... So, I thought I would post a blog real quick. Not a whole lot going on, just chillin at the house. Next up on the bbq scene will be me cooking for the Jerseyville, IL meeting. 250 lbs of beef brisket to be cooked, frozen, and shipped with the preacher from Memphis. Then we move on to cooking at the Brownsville Moose Lodge BBQ Cookoff. Hopefully this will give us a chance to hone our skills and come together as a team more. I think we have a great team and are really coming together on the bbq scene.

On another note.. I am still playing poker at Highpockets, and will be playing in the finals tournament on Monday night. Hopefully I will be able to cash in and walk away with some money.

Until next time....