Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturdays are awesome

I slept late!! I actually slept until 8 am. Candi, my wife, is telling me that her farm is wilting on facebook and her restaurant staff is laying in the floor gasping for air because I am on the laptop and won't let her play. I still have 2 essays to write today so I will let her play for a little bit and then I have to get to work. My plan is to grill some salmon for dinner today. Holly, my daughter, is having contractions, today is the day I said she would have the baby. I predicted today at 9:53 pm, so she better get busy if she is going to make that deadline. My beautiful granddaughter spent the night with us last night. She is just too cute.

I am impatiently waiting for August 28th to get here because the movie "The Open Road" is supposed to release to theatres on that day. The movie stars Jeff Bridges and Justin Timberlake and even has a cameo by Lyle Lovett. Holly, Crystal (a coworker and friend), and myself were extras in this movie.

Well Candi is back and wanting to harvest her crops. So I will sign off for now. Have a happy saturday.

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