Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Audition, Finals, and Football

So it is Saturday morning and very early!! I am going to a movie audition for the movie "Blind People". It starts at 10 am but check in is at 9:30 am. It should be over by 2 pm and then it is on to the house to get ready for the Tigers game. We are 0-2 so far this season and I am ready to see a new coach hired.

On another note, I stopped by the campaign headquarters for Jerry Lawler for Mayor 2009 and signed up to be a volunteer. I really think he will make a good Mayor for Memphis. He is a successful businessman and that is what this city needs. We do not need another slimy politician.

Finally, the last week of this semester is at hand. Finals are going to be tough and I have to have them done by Sunday night. So it looks like another all nighter for me.

Only 5 days till we set sail on the cruise, and I am getting excited.

So everyone wish me luck on the audition, the finals, and of course the Tigers game.

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